Sustainable methods are essential to conserving an archive and/or collection(s) so that the data and information are not lost. Not all document and object types can be conserved in the same way. After all, artist and art organisation archives and collections often contain a variety of different media, such as paper, textile, wood, metal and plastic. These are materials that require specialised attention. A key aspect of this is packaging the archive’s objects and documents properly.

That old adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’, also applies to your archive and/or collection(s). Typically, these are stored where space is available and where they are easily accessible. And still, it’s essential that you know the risks inherent to every storage space. By excluding risks where possible, you preclude or limit any foreseeable damage.

A few short manuals with tips & tricks on the conservation of various materials, objects and documents can be found on the Documents and Online Publications page.