The Flemish Centre for Art Archives (CKV) combines forces and exchanges information and expertise with several partners in the broad field of arts and heritage.

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The Flemish Centre for Art Archives has a symbiotic relationship with the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M HKA); however, the tasks between them have been clearly delineated. M HKA is also involved in contextualisation and social activation and has developed and shared its own expertise in these areas. The relationship between the Flemish Centre for Art Archives and the M HKA is one of reciprocity, exchange and cross-pollination, where archive and legacy care are prioritised.

In addition to its symbiotic relationship with the M HKA, the Flemish Centre for Art Archives also seeks to collaborate with a number of fellow institutions in the field of arts and heritage on the Flemish Platform for Art Heritage, including the Flemish Architecture Institute, the Letterenhuis and CEMPER.

The purpose of the Platform is to:

  • exchange expertise in the field of artistic heritage, especially in the field of art archives and legacies
  • jointly develop instruments to support this field
  • represent the interests within the field of artistic heritage
  • jointly organise theme days, symposiums and other similar activities

Various ‘heritage service providers’ are working in Flanders, including CKV. Since 2019, these organizations have been meeting regularly to take coordinated actions and to share knowledge and expertise. More information (in Dutch) about our fellow organisations can be found here.