Digital Conservation

Digital conservation of your files may not be as simple as it sounds. Why? There’s always a chance that digital files you created years ago can no longer be opened with standard software or they will be rendered differently.

This applies to files on your computer, laptop or tablet, but also to files stored on CD-ROMs, USB sticks or external hard drives. Just because you store the carriers (in good condition) doesn’t mean that the stored files will remain readable. All digital carriers are unreliable in the long run. Not only can your data disappear due to the material decay of the carrier, but the carriers and associated hardware and software can also become obsolete due to technological developments. Current computers are usually incapable of reading floppy disks, CD-ROMs or DVDs.

Additionally, to ensure that your files and objects can still be read or played in the long term, it’s important to regularly check whether the data hasn’t been lost or corrupted or whether the carriers can still process the data.

A few useful tips for optimal digital conservation of your files can be found here.